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Monday, October 30, 2006

Dreams 20


June 7, 2000

I experienced some lights and a pattern. Could it be that the darkness is now being filled with beautiful lights and patterns? The light was amber / golden and the pattern was like a honeycomb or a kaleidoscope.

Note: Later today I drew this pattern and beginning with an octagon in the center and drawing connecting octagons all around the center, for 8 levels, I reached a total number of 289 octagons. As I kept looking at the drawing I realized that the octagon in the center is not necessary and in fact it is there and not there all at once. So 289 – 1 = 288!


Husband’s Reflection

June 18, 2000

My husband had just gotten up and was sitting on the edge of the bed. I asked at what time he had fallen asleep and he said 5:30, so I told him I needed a bit more sleep and decided to stay in bed. He came over to kiss me and I saw that his eyes were bluer than before, they were almost glowing, when I told him he decided to go look in the mirror. I was looking at him in the mirror and suddenly I could see through his eyes, it was as though his reflection was actually mine, yet I knew it wasn’t my reflection. I was able to see through his eyes as though they were my eyes.

Band of Light in Sky

June 19, 2000

I was at my grandmother’s house and while looking through the window I saw: a band of light in the sky. Through the band I could see a planet glowing red – it was Mars. I saw moving stars and caught glimpses of other dimensions through this band. Behind the band of light I could see movement and I saw trees, they looked two-dimensional and suddenly I saw the other dimension unfold. It looked like 5 – like a pentagon. I could see all sides – through it, around it, like cut-outs. (It reminded me of a chain of people cut-out.)

Muslim Woman

June 21, 2000

I was at the hairdressers and I was a Muslim woman and I was wearing a veil. I had a little bit of makeup on my eyes to cover one of my eyelids. The eyelid was yellow and bumpy. When the hairdresser came back and saw I had put makeup on she said I looked better. She prepared to cut my hair and instead of removing my veil she worked around it. I told her she could remove it to cut my hair but she didn’t want to instead she just slipped it down on my shoulder. While she was cutting my hair someone walked in with my baby. He was a newborn Muslim boy and by his clothing, (white puffy pants, white vest with embroidery on it,) I knew he was from an upper class. He was crying and the nurse comforted him.

Nothing to Dying

July 3, 2000

A dream voice explained: There’s absolutely nothing to dying! When a person dies, his stuff is distributed, and then life continues again. But this is all an illusion. In fact, when a person dies, he is really awakening to what it is all about. By dying here he is reborn elsewhere.

Chaos Reigns

July 4, 2000

Chaos would reign the world and an interesting name would be Kate (or Kaye) Osbourne. (The point was to combine the first syllables Ka and Os.) People wouldn’t expect a woman to become such a powerful leader, and she would creep into the powers of different countries would stun everyone. The Dalai Lama would plead for people to be aware of her presence and he would re-enter Tibet. The few monks left in Tibet would march and the monk in the 139th position would be dressed differently than all the others. All the monks would wear yellow or red robes but the 139th would wear grey and he would be marked to die. In the United Stated chaos would reign freely, yet no one would realize that she was there to ultimately ruin them.

Road Leads to Center of the Lake

July 4, 2000

I was blindfolded at the road that led to the lake. I was going to walk straight forward to the lake but as a joke I turned in the opposite direction and I asked, “If I walked straight in this direction would I also reach the lake?” The answer was yes. The road was built to lead directly to the center of the lake.

Find Yourself

July 5, 2000

A dream voice said, “To find yourself, to find truth and your calling, then why don’t you practice what you preach? You say that babies are born perfect and all-knowing, then go there and find what you are seeking.

Two Kims

July 6, 2000

Two Kims had died. One Kim I knew as a child the other Kim was known as “Kim la solitaire” (French for “the solitary.”) In both cases one of their toys (or clocks) had gone off when they died. My mother was scared and wanted me to go over but I couldn’t go right away so I explained to her “the toys go off because of the owner’s energy that had been held in the toy must follow the energy body.” (It was like while alive a person’s energy could be split into many directions and many things and always remaining connected to the person. But when the person died and her energy was being elevated – then all the energy was elevated at once.) One of the Kims toys had been a wind up clown. I theorized that the energy sometimes entered the toy through mechanic devices or more accurately the magnets.


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