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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Magical Truth Spheres


May 23, 1999

I was walking in a backyard with a tall man and at the end of the yard was a fence and without much effort the tall man lifted me over it. We laughed and I thought how it was nice to be lifted by a strong tall man. We were experiencing feelings for each other but he was married and worried – he’d even mistakenly called his wife “mother.” I thought “he’s afraid, like a little kid, he’s not that strong inside.”

My mother, my aunt and I were sitting together playing cards. Then the tall man and another man joined us. The other man passed me a piece of paper with a series of cards written on it – 7 ♥, 7 ♦, 7 ♠, 2 ♦ and “wildcard.” The tall man was dealing the cards and one by one I received the same cards in the same order that the other man had written. At first I thought he had been cheating but then as he kept repeating this I realized he just knew them.

The tall man then started talking nonsense about evil and devils and the other man and I thought about the spheres. They were a set of magical spheres made of ivory (or something similar) about the size of a baseball. Each sphere had a detachable greenish-black ring around the circumference. The ring had tiny holes all around it that held black and white (about pea-sized) beads. Simultaneously the other man and I had assembled a sphere under the table. When placed in front of us these spheres would hover and the effect would be that everyone spoke the truth – their inner thoughts. The tall man said something to the effect that we were going to go to hell and I told him that if he truly believed this that he would find himself be the only one in heaven.


  • At 8:35 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    This is a really interesting dream - you are lifted over teh fense to the Unconscious by perhaps the "deathless child" - in guise of a man. You are here one fo the Three Sisters (triple goddess) and their favorite fateful activity is playing cards - determning fate (cards began as Tarot cards in a clairvoyant era) - Three Women and Three Men are the full contingent of the Zodiac - (each with a dual face, six males and six female signs) - the Child is offspring of the Triple goddess (the Rose Glass of the Maedeval cathedral is the star child; the three gynocological portals the Three Sisters) - the numbers of one set is complete (7s) but not in the other. My thought is that when you find wholeness with the Sisters, you can only maanifest your yang side is broken pieces.


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