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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dreams 14

Talking Doll and Otto Preminger

August 20, 1999

I was at home in the basement, (a strange new place, not at all like my current home.) I was rearranging things and going through some games I had purchased at a flea market. My friend walked n and I asked if she would come by tonight to play some games but she made an excuse and left. When I went upstairs and all kinds of people (old friends, felt like a surprise party for me,) were preparing the dinner table. One of my friends (actually the youngest daughter of my mother’s ex-boyfriend) was there and I was surprised. I asked if she still lived in town and she did. We remarked how we only saw each other at doctors, dentists or optometrists’ offices – always in medical places. Then someone walked in with a baby girl and handed her to me. I rocked her in the rocking chair and talked to her and suddenly she began talking back. Her speech became progressively better. Finally she asked me some tough questions of which she knew the answers. That’s when I realized it was a trick (I think the baby was a doll set up with a microphone and the voice was a husky female voice.) Then someone announced a surprise visitor – Otto Preminger was coming to dinner.


Church Steeple Fire

August 21, 1999

The Church in my neighbourhood was on fire. The cars were moving aside to let the fire trucks go through traffic but the cars were so preoccupied that they were driving on the sidewalks and I had to walk in people’s yards. I looked at the Church and then I saw the steeple was full of flames and suddenly it came crashing down. I walked into my childhood home and simultaneously I walked into my grandparents’ home. I told my mother and grandmother what was going on.


Secret Castle

August 21, 1999

As I saw a secret castle a dream voice was telling me, “The secret castle has many rooms and levels. There is a big treasure in the 6th but watch out for the ‘bad guy’ in the 8th, and then escape using the 11th and the 5th. To get to the 11th you must run between the floors on the 9th and finally in the 11th you are trapped in a cage that transforms into an elevator and protects you from all outside forces and brings you to the entrance of the cave.


Macrocosmic to Microcosmic

August 26, 1999

A dream voice told me, “To solve a problem bring it to its ultimate. If your problem is microcosmic enlarge it until you see/find your solution. If your problem is macrocosmic reduce it until you find your solution. You can reduce the macrocosmic and enlarge the microcosmic because they are the same.”


German Soldier and Jung

September 2, 1999

I was dating a German soldier. I think I was a spy. He was expecting a call from a superior and as soon as the phone rang and he picked up he began speaking German. Then he looked towards me and smilingly said, “…Jung,” and “Lister…” and in reply to this (as though I’d understood part of what he said,) I said, “Because she likes to read.” I had translated his sentence although I didn’t know a word in German. He looked at me as though he hadn’t understood my words and waved for me to be quiet. Then I thought to myself I’d better be quiet because if suddenly I could understand German then I would able to spy much more efficiently.


Strange Men in Rafters and Freaky Cat

September 3, 1999

My oldest son, my cousin and I were sitting in the living room. Suddenly we caught sight of something on the ceiling. The attic door was open and there was a doll hanging there. My oldest son giggled so I knew he’d put it there as a prank. My cousin had screamed when she saw it. I had a freaky black cat that had a white twin. The two cats communicated telepathically. My black cat was meowing eerily and circling me and I began to wonder if he was going to attack me. I decided to pet him and then the white cat came and they were okay – like all along the black cat had wanted to be reunited with the white one. I decided to have a look at the attic once again and I noticed woollen things between the rafters, like scarves and blankets. Suddenly pairs of eyes opened between each rafter, the wool was actually the clothing of the strange men hiding between the rafters.


Rabelais Loves Me

September 7, 1999

I met a young man who had bought me a card with the name “Rabelais,” written on it. (There were other names that I don’t remember.) It was a singing card. Later I went to an office and met a young man whose name was “Rabelais,” and I realized I’d had a dream (within a dream.) Rabelais was a lawyer and he was in love with me. Every time he greeted me with warm hugs, kisses and he often gave me gifts. On this occasion he had bought me a statue of a bird and he said it reminded him of me. When my husband had found out he had become jealous.


Street Fight in Imagination and Flying Lamb

September 11, 1999

A group of us were outside downtown when suddenly a fight broke out. Everyone was fighting and I was fending off attackers. One guy (a client from work) came at me and I flipped him to the ground and then another guy came at me and I flipped him to but his face hit the sidewalk and I heard a loud crack and saw blood come from his mouth. Then the scene suddenly transforms and it is night but we are all still together downtown. We realize that the whole fight had not really occurred, it had been a figment of my client’s imagination and we had relived it. Suddenly I see a bird on the roof of a nearby building. It is large, white and squawking. I ask everyone what kind of bird it is, I was wondering if it might be an ostrich or a turkey. Suddenly it flies down and begins running about on four legs so I realize it is not a bird. I see it is a white lamb and I was instantly filled with a deep sense of peace and I knew I’d been granted a gift. Everyone was asking me what it meant but I was unable to explain, I was so peaceful and felt a strong sense of inner power.


  • At 4:20 p.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Secret Castle - the Psyche is a multifasceted mandala with many floors - this with a cave following deeper to the Earth Mother. I'm reminded of the zen story on how to get to the Self.


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