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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mainly Sun Dreams Series

The Sun Celebration Dream

November 28, 1999

Part 1:

I had witnessed a primitive dance, celebrating the birth of the sun. According to legend a young woman had seen the sun in a vision and had tried to tell the people about it but because the sun had never been seen they didn’t understand. (In the dream I suddenly take on the role of the woman and experience the following.)

As the days passed following her sun vision the young woman became more depressed as she longed to see the sun. One day, unable to take it any more, she stood facing the east. She held her hands up in desperation and resignation and began to wail. The wailing was uncanny, deep from the soul, it was chant-like so pure and it was even beautiful. “I am dying, I am dying, I am dying,” she chanted. (The words and melody sounded Asian but somehow like it was telepathically translated I was able to understand it.) She kept chanting and she was dying because the vision she’d had had been too much and she couldn’t live like she’d used to.

Then, still standing facing east, her body forming an H, she began to stomp the Earth, stomping in a circle. Suddenly the Earth began to tremble and quake, keeping rhythm with her steps and a glow began to appear in the eastern sky and the sun rose in the East.

A lot of people had gathered around her and their faces shone in the rising sun. They stood there silent and amazed, in absolute wonderment. Then a woman with two heads sharing one body began walking through the crowd. The circle of people let her through and she made her way to the center. In an angelic voice she began to sing. She sang a song of joy and praise and this broke the silence and the feasting began.

Part 2:

I was telling some children about the vision I had experienced and we were going to put up a play depicting the vision. I related the vision in complete detail and the room was silent just as the crowd had been silent. I stood in the center of the room and mimicked the chant, “I am dying, I am dying, I am dying.” I got into the H position and began stomping my feet in a circle. Again the children, and by now some curious adult bystanders, were silent and looked on in wonderment. Although we were in a gymnasium it was as though the first morning was dawning and the crowd were seeing the sun rise for the first time. When I had completed my performance and after a long silent pause someone from the back appeared and started making her way towards the center. She said she wanted to be in the play and be the two headed woman who began the feasting. The silence had been broken and we began assigning parts of the play to the children.



December 3, 1999

All night I saw halos of light and of fire. I was being taught about halos. I saw a baby with a halo of fire.


The Sun Stands Still

December 13, 1999

It was just about New Year’s and I ran back to my mother’s to ask her what we should do or say in the event that it would be… you know – final. (End of the world.) She still insisted not to worry but she ran over to the Church to buy a place in the book. She donated $10 to have my name placed in the book. My aunt came back and she was happy (relieved) that my name had been entered in the book. It was now 12:01 am and my mother exclaimed, “See!” I realized that my youngest son was alone so I bolted out of there to be with him because we didn’t know the exact time it might all end.

It is still just past 12:00 (but I am unsure if it is now pm.) My youngest son and I are sitting in the sun. He has fallen asleep on my lap when the sun suddenly stands still. A huge sweeping golden light jutting out from the sun sweeps the Earth. It hums and swings like a gigantic pendulum and as I watch it sweep over my foot I feel a strangeness in my foot. It is like radiation. Then the sky goes dark, not pitch black, just a greyish dusk, and it will stay like that forever.

Almost everyone and everything has disappeared even the walls of my house are gone. I pick up two tote bags with some of our belongings. There are towels and face cloths, some of my work and a new outfit for my youngest son who (I am made aware) will be a messenger of hope. Then my son and I begin to walk. We see that many large areas of the Earth had become barren, like the moon.

My son’s new outfit was a pair of beige US Army pants with classical insignia on them. I saw they had three red stripes and two sets of yellow arched stripes. At first I was afraid that his outfit would scare the few survivors but then I realized that instead it would offer them a sense of security. It seems we needed to get to Barcelona, where my son and I would be able to partially restore the sun. The moon appeared huge and very close to the Earth and was blocking the sunlight but the bit of sunlight that did get through was seriously high in radiation.

Later I was talking with a black man about the things I had seen, like I was telling him about the dream, and he asked me about the stripes on the suit. He was insistent on knowing if the stripes were indeed red.


The Sun Game

December 14, 1999

(This is not a dream; it is a conversation with my youngest son about is dream.)

My youngest son woke up in the middle of the night and asked me if I’d heard about a game called, “The Sun.” When I said I hadn’t he explained to me, “when the black dog is upside down and a zero (0) flashes below it, then you have beat the game (or the dog.)”



December 22, 1999

I was in Italy, visiting, and all over town the streets were empty. I could hear the announcer talking about “violenta,” and I wondered if it meant “violin,” or “violence.” I walked past this building with nice cars parked in front. There were lots of cars; I noticed when I got closer. They were all black cars, they were very shiny and expensive looking. I saw some men going into a building and there was a sign that read, “Violenta.” I got scared and thought “what if those guys are bad guys and me standing there staring at them would be asking for it (for trouble.)” So, I crossed the street. Eventually I walked into a building and there were funerals everywhere. On the main floor there were at least 12 rooms, each holding a funeral. I went upstairs and found a coffee room filled with Italians. Someone saw me and called out, “Allo.” I repeated, “allo,” and walked in. A man, sitting by himself on the couch, stood up and motioned for me to join him. I went and whispered, “Francesca ou Englaise,” he smiled and in French, he said, “je parle français.” I looked around the room and noticed the same, “violenta,” signs and people were talking about it. So I asked the man beside me what it meant, but a woman sitting on a chair beside me answered. She said that it had been over 3 months since the Champs des Lauriers had laid off all its workers. She explained that a certain group had threatened the “Champs,” if they didn’t sell. The owner tried to make a stand, a statement on behalf of his workers, but he was murdered. She said that big corporations were running all the businesses and that most of the town and country were unemployed. Then the war began and so far 30,000 people have died. The man beside me had joined in this conversation as well. The man then said a sentence with the word, “Guido,” in it and I told him that I didn’t know that much Italian but he just smiled and told me that I had understood.

The woman had been married 3 times. Her 2nd marriage had been to a very important man – one of the big guys who had overthrew Italy, and she had felt responsible. She had left him because she didn’t agree with what he was doing and she ended up marrying the man who owned the “Champs des Lauriers.” This was his funeral. The place was full of people, the workers who loved him.

Now she was a widow, she was working in a gift shop and the woman she worked for had broken her glass ring that her husband had given her. She had picked up all the pieces and glued them together and made (the shape of) a flower with it. It was like a mirror and she held a rose to it and the rose was reflected perfectly in all of the pieces.


Full Moon

December 22, 1999

I was still living in a little house I once rented across from my grandparents’ place. I had gone outside to search for the Solstice’s Full moon. The sky was cloudy but began to brighten; it became almost as bright as daylight. I couldn’t see the moon when suddenly my husband shouted, “There it is!” The moon was just above the horizon in the southeast direction and it was rising up from behind a cloud. I looked straight up and noticed that the clouds were travelling really fast. The sky grew brighter still and suddenly the entire full moon was visible. It appeared very big, as big as a building. It was moving quite fast and it looked more like earth, it was bluish and I could see clouds rushing around it. Suddenly I heard a loud cracking noise and I thought it was thunder, but I never found out what it was.


Train Survey

December 25, 1999

I was on a train with my husband and there as a team of people going from passenger to passenger asking questions, like a survey or contest. When they got closer to us I overheard them asking a woman a question, “Which government if any do you have most confidence in?” The woman replied, “That’s easy. I have absolute faith in so-and-so and so does my friend so-and-so.” (I don’t remember the names.) I told my husband that I’d like a question like that. Then a woman came to ask him questions and my husband was playing dumb. He was being sarcastic. Then a man came to ask me questions. He handed me the question on a small wooden block. It said, “I have a dream.” I was puzzled and the man said it went with something else. He opened a box and in a slot, number 28, there was a t-shirt that went with the question. I opened it up and on the front of the t-shirt it said, “I have a dream. I have a castle.” In the center was a large, bright yellow circle, it was a sun. On the bottom it read, “2nd award,” (or reward,) and the man said that I’d been granted another sign. He said it was very special and by then lots of people had gathered around me and they took my picture. Later I was telling my husband about the signs that I had received in previous dreams.


  • At 11:50 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    The Sun King - - this is a creation story of the new millenium - the passing of one dominant (yin) to another, the Rising Sun. It is really an astonishing story, I think I started my Quigley in Exile blog with some thing about it.


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