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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dreams 15

Someone Keeps Stealing my Corpse

September 21, 1999

I was a man and I had died. I was laying in my coffin and I was able to hear and see everything. Someone kept stealing my corpse. I was also my female self and related to the dead man, his sister. As his sister I was always out fetching the stolen body of my brother and bringing him back. At one point, as I lay in the coffin, something opened up at my feet – like a screen. I realized I’d been granted a gift and a glimpse of the “other side.” I see a sky and it is brightly illumined and I’m told that I can keep my body and bring it with me on either side. If I stay I will remain aware of the “other side,” and I’ll be able to travel back and forth. Then there is a crazy woman who is trying to stab me but I am already dead.


Gave Birth to Twins

September 27, 1999

I had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. I was so surprised that I had forgotten their time of birth and weight, but I remembered that the baby boy had been born first. Sometimes the babies were cats or turkeys and at one point someone asked how I could have given birth to turkeys and I was really hurt and said I didn’t know but that I loved them anyways. As I was doing groceries with the twins I had a hard time holding on to the girl, she was always so weak and listless but the boy was active and strong. The girl kept slipping out of my arms so I wrapped both the boy and girl in a blanket together to make it easier to carry them. I couldn’t decide on names for them so I went through some old religious books that had belonged to my mother as a child to try and find appropriate names for them.


Sign from Vishnu

October 18, 1999

I was doing the motions as a dream voice explained, “Cross the path of rocks; sit cross-legged on the bamboo steps going down the mountain; at each step I must make four movements using my arms and torso towards the sky.” When I reached the bottom a little white bird appeared with a strange black marking. The voice said that it was a sign from Vishnu.


End of the World at 1:00 am

October 26, 1999

It was going to be the end of the world at 1:00 am and that afternoon I was at work in a basement bookstore. My husband owned the bookstore and he’d just sold a very expensive book to a customer and when his wife asked to borrow a book my husband allowed her to borrow it. Then my ex-mother-in-law called and asked if she could borrow a book and my husband replied that he wasn’t a library. I was offended and so I paid for the book she wanted to borrow and I left to bring it to her. Later that night I was at home with my husband and two sons. I asked my husband what he was planning on doing before the world ended and he said he wasn’t going to do anything, he was just going to go to sleep. When 1:00 am approached everyone except my youngest son and I was sleeping. We looked out the kitchen window at the full moon that brightened the sky. All was till when suddenly a man with white hair was walking on our street. Then I realized he was an Apocalyptic Angel, here to choose and sort the people. I got scared and shut the curtain but my son and I had enjoyed the moon so much that we decided to sneak outside and watch the moon some more.


Three Old Ladies

November 5, 1999

I was walking along the main road in my hometown and I acme across three old ladies. I stopped to talk with them. Then they began to dance and I joined in and started tap-dancing. One of the old ladies said she had known my grandfather and then she said I’d gotten the gift of dancing from him.


Crossing the River with a Black Woman

November 5, 1999

I had to cross a bridge over a river. The river was on the main road of my hometown, where there is actually a creek. There was a black woman with me and I told her I was afraid of bridges. Then I realized it wasn’t so much the bridge but the rover below. I managed to cross the bridge but I did it on my hands and knees.


Disks Rotating Around the Horizon

November 11, 1999

On the horizon I saw huge disks, as big as the setting sun. The disks were revolving around the horizon from East to North and each disk rotated counter-clockwise. There were 9 disks because (in the dream,) I exclaimed, “My 9 spheres.” Each sphere was a different colour and had different characteristics. The blue one had a constellation of stars circling it, clock-wise from Earth to Sky. The red one had a ring that also circled it.

Later that day the sky looked funny/strange. It was like the sky was made of a thick substance, like a mattress. The sky was blue and everywhere there were whitish-grey spheres embedded in the thick substance. They did not move, (they looked like what BB pellets would look like if shot at a wall and had penetrated the first layer.) Surrounding each of the spheres were white clouds,

Later, at night, the sky was pitch black except for tiny sparkles from the stars, there was no moon present. I could hear a strange blip-like noise, an electronic sound, and this scared me. Up in the sky the stars formed constellations that I’ve never seen before.


Grandmother’s Eyes

November 12, 18 and 21, 1999

My grandmother was sick, on her deathbed, and we were watching over her at home in the living room. There were lots of people present because someone else had recently died, it was a neighbour. A lamp had been taken of its stand and I had to ask my grandmother how to put it back together. She had a very hard time opening her eyes but she managed to say my name.

I was visiting my grandparents’ house although it was demolished. It was like a mental voyage and my ex-mother-in-law was with me. She was scared because she knew the house was demolished and she couldn’t figure out why she could see it. She took a stick and poked through an open window at the curtains, trying to get a view into the living room. I told her to stop and that she didn’t have to be afraid that we (my mother and aunt) visited there often. I managed to convince her to come inside and have a look. She was afraid but followed me around.

We were at my grandparents’ house and nobody loved the boy (I don’t know who he was except that) he was my brother. My grandmother was sick and so we had moved her to my old apartment across the street. I went back to my old place to visit my grandmother. My aunt and her daughter had also moved in with my grandmother and I couldn’t figure out how they all fit in that small apartment. I went to my grandmother’s room and visited with her. When she realized it was me she was very happy to see me. I kissed her and looked into her eyes; they were all weird and rolled in her head, then they just looked cloudy and there was something about her pupils.


Digital Clocks 7:71 and 7:75

November 23, 1999

The time on two different digital clocks read 7:71 and 7:75 while the regular clock read 1:00. I lived in a nice brick bungalow and my husband was going to be back late so I was supposed to leave a door unlocked for him. I was standing outside when I noticed a red light in the sky and I realized it was a star (or planet) and right next to it was a gigantic white star about half the size of the moon. This scared me and so I went back in the house and locked the door and decided to wait up until my husband got home.


  • At 5:58 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Twins in astrology, accompany the turning of the millenia form the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Crossing the river with a black woman suggests being accompanied by someone from the Unconscious guiding you to a new state. I had such a dream and was accampanied by "Cochice." The dream of the shite bird speaks for itself - a sign from God.

  • At 6:04 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Three old ladies - these are the Triple Goddess who accompany a journey into the Unconscious as the three Rhine Maidens offer the adept the opportunity to go to the bottom of the river and find the "gold nuggetts." Seigfried cannot go there or his power (Logos) will be distroyed. But Loki flirts with them and dangles his feet in the water. You have the gift of going there readily.

  • At 6:11 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Disks rotating. What is interesting here is that the nine planets are seen as spiritual/zodiac signs. But there are only nine. LIke your dream of two moons where the child was not fully formed it seemed that it was "not time" yet - the next year I had an identical dream and the child was fully formed. OUr friend REmo has two circular symbols on his site that are "fully formed" mandalas. I recently found a picture of a 4th century Jewish Gnostic prophet Archon with identical symbols but not perfectly like Remos in their constellations - the circle on the right had 7 parts instead of 6. This should refelct the times we are in and the times we are gettign to. I told my wife that the planets would eventually "get to" 12 and last week they did. This should imply that the constellation of the new age - Aquarius, seeing 12 circles in the sky as Pisces saw 12 men from the sea (fishermen; the Aposltes - Pisces was a water age, Aquarius an air age) is complete now and the age can begin.

  • At 5:40 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    End of the world at 1:00 am. Talk was that the end of the millenium would be at yer 2000. Remember the Y2k hysteria about all the computers in the world breaking at the same time? But the Platonic Months shifted as well. And it wasn't in year 2000. Technically, the Age of Pisces ended on Jan. 1, 2001 (1:00 o'clock) and that is when the Age of Aquarius began.

  • At 5:46 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Grandmother is Sick. This dream is in the same pattern as the others in this group anticipating the awakening of Aquarius and the passing of Pisces. "Grandmother is sick" - in Aquarius, the Earth Mother yields to the Titan; a yin age yields to a yang age (Robertson Davies). Queen Victoria can be considered the Queen of Pisces - myself and many Britons dream of "Mrs. Brown" or "the Brown lady." Thisis the spirit of Pisces. It yields to the Sun King just ahead.

  • At 5:48 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    "your brother" and the two corpses, male and female, make up the totality of the Universe, the male force and the female force. Often these appear tegether or even as a hermophrodite at a changing, as one must yield to the other in dominance.


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