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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dreams 19

Grandpa Appears

March 20, 2000

My best friend had brought me a chemical toilet and had left it at home while I was at work. When I got home and saw it I knew immediately what it was and who it was from. After supper I looked at the toilet and realized it hadn’t been flushed so I flushed it and it began to overflow. I quickly picked it up and brought it to the bathroom but it leaked all the way there making a mess all over the place. I poured the stuff in our own toilet when I heard my best friend walking in and saying how sorry she was. She said that her boyfriend had forgot to clean it first and that she had come to warn me not to flush it but she saw she had been too late. So she helped me clean up the mess.

My friend and I were in the kitchen on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor when she noticed someone sitting at the kitchen table. She whispered to me that it was an old man. Still on my hands and knees I moved towards him and suddenly he looked directly at me and I recognized my grandfather! I was ecstatic and I hugged him and kissed him and I patted his chest and that is when I told my friend it was actually my grandfather. She was unsure at first but as we kept talking she became assured.

By then we were sitting in the living room and I noticed a man sitting next to my grandfather. He was younger (late 20’s early 30’s) and I asked him if he was dead too. He said he wasn’t and so I thought there must be a connection between him and I. I went back to talking with my grandfather and I asked him how long he was here for. He replied, “Six.” (I think he meant, or said 6 days.)

After my grandfather had left we were looking through some files. One of the files contained everything my grandfather had said on this visit. Another friend was with me and she wanted to look through other people’s files. My youngest son had a sore throat so I went over to rock him gently and comfort him.

Earlier when I had been talking to my grandfather I had asked him about my grandmother. He had told me that she was doing great and that I didn’t need to worry about her. I had a vision or a memory of seeing my grandmother and dancing with her.


Circle Like Home

March 21, 2000

I was riding in a car in Montreal. The street was a circle just like in my hometown except much bigger and the buildings and radiating streets were different. Then I remembered how there was also a circle street in New York and I thought it meant that I was supposed to move there.


Horizontal Funnel Clouds

March 22, 2000

My husband and I were going to a local restaurant we normally refer to as “Northern.” It was night but I could see strange cloud formations. The clouds looked like tornado funnels that reached the ground. The closer we got to Northern the closer the funnels were approaching. Some of the funnels twisted upwards and across horizontally, reaching from somewhere West to all the way above us. We made it to the restaurant and by then the wind had grown very strong, we knew we couldn’t turn back now. We saw a couple we knew at the restaurant and they asked how bad it was out there. The radio was on. The winds had reached 50 miles per hour and the windows were humming as they trembled from the pressure outside. I called at home to tell my oldest son who was babysitting to go down in the basement and bring my youngest son with him and to stay there until the storm had passed.


Paper Mache Game

We had moved back to an older apartment but now there were lots of people living there with us. There was a man who had a lot of teenagers. Then I realized that I was covered in Paper Mache and it was a game. When someone was covered in Paper Mache he/she became slave to a master. I had just awakened and my youngest son was playing Master. I played along for awhile and then he went to bed. I was still in Paper Mache when I went to check up on my husband. He was sleeping but there was a man in the room and when he saw I was in game mode he quickly spun a wheel and took out the ring, and then I was under his spell.

Once under the spell, it was like a sort of hypnosis or dream state but a part of me was still aware. The man started playing out scenarios and in one scene he had me trying to give myself a needle of heroine. My husband woke up at that time and tried to stop me but I told him it was just the game. Then my husband explained that if in this state I actually believed it then I could have the same reaction as though it was real. I was insisting that I was aware it was a game and that there was no danger.

Then I began seeing other things. I was able to interpret things objectively and I saw something funny. It was so funny that I began to laugh out loud. (I laughed out loud for real and when my youngest son came in I told him I was having a dream. I can’t remember the specific thing that was so funny.) It was like I could see that everything was an illusion, a perception, and this was funny to me. It was very playful, like life itself was a game or a comedy. Being outside the illusion I saw how quickly everything unfolded, life and death – just an illusion, and everything unfolding just as it should. I saw the futility of trying to change things, to use your will in life or to operate from the ego like performing circus acts, not aware it was all a game and then believing there was a purpose to all of this (illusion.)


Creation of Illusions

April 17, 2000

The creation of illusions was large tangible head in the sky that was blocking reality. The chipping away at the illusion would eventually uncover a mirror but to those who are in the illusion they would mistake their own reflection for someone else’s.


Isolated Star

May 31, 2000

A voice said, “We need to find you an isolated star.” The voice continued, “One with no life in a 30 ___ radius. It is the best environment for growth.” But I kept wondering how that could be life sustaining if no life grew near it?


Emerging Consciousness

June 12, 2000

A dream voice that was also me, said, “Moving in and out of a new, emerging consciousness is so hard. Practice hearing the sounds.” A deaf teenager I know had started hearing slowly for the first time. At first she wasn’t sure what the sounds were.


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