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Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Dreams (from Book Three)

Mandala of Landmark Experiences

July 12, 1999

I am shown a mandala. All around the circle are images of all my landmark experiences and memories. There is something in the center unfortunately I forgot what it was when I woke up.


Black, Pregnant and 17

July 12, 1999

I was a black girl, I was 17 years old and I didn’t know how to dance. Two friends showed me how and when I got the hang of it I began dancing around the hall holding an ice cream cone. I dances around and gave people a bite of my ice cream. It was a dance and there were people drinking but I wasn’t because I was pregnant.


Standing on the Universe

July 13, 1999

A dream voice said, “Standing on a chair that is on a table that is on the floor that is on a house that is on the Earth that is on the Universe…”

(Note: This dream was very crucial for me. It was this image that propelled me into deep states of meditation on many occasions.)


My Husband a Wizard

July 13, 1999

I woke up (within the dream) and found my husband in the bathroom. When I went to check on what he was doing he ran away from me. As he was running down the stairs I called him and when he turned around I noticed a big change in him. At first I only noticed he’d shaven off his moustache. But then as he approached I noticed he had long blond hair. I followed him back into the bathroom and I asked him where he had gotten the hair and I realized he had pasted my fresh cut hair on his head. Then he rearranged his hair and he looked like Einstein. He went back downstairs and I sat on the landing upstairs. Suddenly he appeared at the bottom of the stairs wearing a hooded cape. It was dark-coloured (Navy blue) with silver stars on it. Suddenly he leaped up a bunch of stairs, it didn’t seem natural, then he jumped again and he grabbed my legs. I asked him to stop because I was scared but he never even acknowledged me (like he couldn’t hear me.) He reminded me of some underworld creature. Suddenly another “him” appeared beside me upstairs. I had no escape and so I decided to resign to my fear.


Transgress Numbers

July 26, 1999

A dream voice said, “Transgress numbers! Numbers are alive and moving, not like animals, but like running water. You can arrest time, like freezing water; it is all in the numbers. Do not regress the numbers – but transgress them. (An additional note, as though the voice was reiterating the point,) “The water freezes because of the movement and it remains in this state because of the stillness.



July 27, 1999

A dream voice explained, “We are born out of Awareness. Out of Awareness we are given a tiny speck of awareness. Awareness is that which gives us existence. When our tiny speck connects with the Whole Awareness it feels like sexual pleasure and we are filled all knowledge (Gnosis.) Just as we do not require active thought for our hearts to beat we can live without active awareness. Our awareness is like a telephone that connects to the Whole Awareness but we are rarely plugged in, so even if the Whole Awareness would give you insight (and if you are not plugged) you cannot hear it or receive it.


Acknowledging the Opposites

August 4, 1999

A dream voice said, “In order to feel love you must know hate. You must acknowledge the opposites because denying them is rejecting their opposite! Let’s say that you deny hate, you do not acknowledge its existence within you then love will not come to you because it is channelled through the same source as hate.”


Daughter of a Witch

August 17, 1999

I was a young woman, maybe 17 or 18 years old. My mother was a witch, not a Walt Disney sort of witch; really she was just considered a heretic within the Catholic community. We lived in our own community where we were tolerated. My mother put on a long semi-hooded robe, it was pink, and she instructed me to do the same and meet her outside. She left with my younger sister and brother (about 4 and 2 years old) they had a different father than me. I had a hard time putting on my robe, it was heavy but of soft material. Once I had it on it dragged on the floor and it was very difficult to move in it. I was thinking that maybe one day the villagers would turn on us but then I realized that even the other witches considered us heretics to their beliefs. I walked along the courtyard shyly not looking at anyone and made it to my mother’s quarters. My siblings were preparing their tiny beds and my mother was in her bed with her second husband. There was no room left for me so I volunteered to sleep outside if she could only lend me some woollen socks. She didn’t have any but she gave me a piece of cloth to wrap my feet in. We lived in a walled village and so outdoors offered lots of shelter from the elements, yet we could still see the sky above.


Golden Flower

August 18, 1999

My mother, my youngest son, and I were visiting a woman I knew from work (a regular client.) My son was playing in another room with another little boy. It was near Christmas and there was wrapped gifts all over a table and we had to pick one. I picked one and inside the box was a set of earrings with a matching ring; they had matching blue gems except the gems on the earrings were lined in gold petals (to look like flowers.) My mother opened her gift and it was identical to mine. The woman opened hers and it was earrings and a necklace but her earrings were broken. I joked and said she could always use them to hang things on them and I hung her necklace on them to show her. Suddenly I saw a large golden flower in my gift box. (The flower was identical to the one I drew in this journal on July 18, 1999, except it was a real flower and more vivid.)



  • At 6:55 p.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    . . . anything cna be a mandala with squares and circles - I listened to the Dixie Chicks sing today about "six strogn hands on the steering wheel." - that would be the three Dixie Chicks, the steerign wheel the chakrum or mandala - a Triple Goddess manifestation

  • At 6:57 p.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    . . . black girls at the dance; African Americans and Native Americans are on our continent often the "guides" to the Unconscious - here they teach you to "dance" and you become "pregnant - find new life in a psychological sense.

  • At 8:25 a.m., Blogger Bernie Quigley said…

    Standing on a chair – a circle within a circle within a circle

    My husband a wizard – It is your Animus; will awaken you to the places in psyche as a guide – I’ve had similar dreams of my Anima when I was referred to as Husband

    Transgress numbers – your Animus is previous dreams takes the guise of Einstein, who might have said the exact same things about the numbers – Einstein tells us time goes in both directions and is a package & he took his cues form Madame Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine.” Einstein said that Buddhism was the only religion which fits the needs of science (numbers). He is the Aquarian shaman. Perhaps you had a visit form him.

    Awareness – a lovely vision of Awareness – I talked to a number of people who had a telephone connection to the Unconscious – it seems universal – one doctor was communicating with the Great Self via telephone while demons were tempting him to abandon his practice, much like the Jesus and the demons story.

    The Shadow of Love – the goddess with two faces; Light and Dark.

    Witch – a witch often expresses an archetype in the Unconscious, not yet manifest or something linking the living person with the Unconscious – witch is considered bad because we naturally fear the Unconsicous and see a threat in it, so before it is fully engaged it appears as a danger; when it becomes engaged and understood it takes a deity or archetypal image; Daughter of a Witch is when fully manifest, Daughter of the Goddess . . . is the Earth Mother – anuma mundi – and the walled city the Self. My clairvoyant Australian dreamer friend also has such a cloak made out of ancient living things – the Surrealist painters saw the Earth Mother likewise.

    Golden Flower – There is a Tibetan story retold in the book “Dinotopia” which is a Tibetan parable of a sort, in which a young man and woman chose cards for their wedding. They both chose the same cards & the Tibetan monk tells them it is a true marriage – likewise your ear rings matching with the Mother – you are a parallel event with the Earth Mother. & so the Golden Flower, matching your “real event” of drawing the flower with the Unconscious event of finding the same flower in the box.

  • At 9:43 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lovely website and thoughts. My paintings are inspired by the same three words you chose as your title. Best wishes always -yammie @ yamartmuseum.com


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