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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dreams 18

Salivary Defect

February 8, 2000

Someone said that a new defect was being seen in the world. Some children were born with dysfunctional salivary glands and this made the saliva highly acidic and caused burns, sores and terrible pain.


VOG Octagon

February 12, 2000

I saw the following:


Third Level of Being

February 16, 2000

There was a third level of being. From this level communication and expression was difficult but attempts would be made when the other two levels were ill or damaged.


Voice on Free Will

February 18, 2000

A voice explained: When you experience psychic phenomena, when you catch a glimpse of your future, then it means that you have somehow changed the course of your life. You see, our life is in part predestined, or already accomplished, but if we go beyond our default settings, then we become free-willed and our future is changed. (Though the final goal remains the same; and no one who remains in default will fully accomplish their goal.)


The World Stands Still

February 23, 2000

The whole world and everything in it was still. I was able to view everything. All had ceased motion, everything was suspended; it was not in decay because even decay required motion. All was still. All just seemed suspended as if by long invisible strings – like puppets. I was the only animated thing, I had energy coursing through me – actually there was no “Me,” I was merely energy. As I sped about the world and through the world and everything in it I saw how my energy (or my self,) was able to animate these things. I also saw people and all living things completely still and inanimate and as I coursed through them they became animate. It was as though my movement was causing every tiny movement, like a film. And through my movement I was able to move the film along, one frame at a time. But unlike a film where each frame is already photographed, I was able to manipulate each frame singly, changing the course of the film. Although it did appear as though some frames were already photographed there were still many I could change. Or it was more like the frame was there and I could make some changes, like move someone’s arm or change the colour of their hair.


Multi-Cultural House

March 11, 2000

I had a huge house. It had been built on my grandparents’ land. There were areas inside the house where the design looked like the old house. It had lots of bedrooms, a few living rooms and two kitchens. There was a television and stereo in each room. The basement was divided into many rooms ready to be designed. There was a lower platform where I thought it would be a nice place for a sunken bath. Suddenly, as I was coming back upstairs, the house had begun filling up with people. There were all kinds of people from different cultures and nationalities, and each family had taken up different areas of the house. I remember in one kitchen there was a family of Mennonites; they were talking.


Silver Sphere Inner Core

March 13, 2000

Whatever is inside of you, that inner core (in the dream it looked like a Silver Sphere,) is neither good nor bad. This core is just, “It is; that it is.” What is good or bad are your extensions and how you experience life will determine “good,” and “bad.” (In my dream) I was wondering if we returned to the state of neither good nor bad regardless of the life we lead. Having no answer I was trying to tell people to open their eyes and be more careful raising children.


Vaudeville, Germany and a Cat Named Specialist

March 13, 2000

I was hiding in a building with other people. We were portraying ourselves as Vaudeville actors, but we were really from Germany. There were 2 men and I hiding we had been suspected of being Nazi’s because of our cultural heritage. (I didn’t look like I do in waking reality, instead) I had short brown hair in a 40’s style hairdo and I wore an ankle-length, fitted dress with buttons all along the front. Suddenly two soldiers came in and began asking us questions. They asked what was hiding behind the painting on the wall. They tore it off and there was another painting behind it. They tore that one off too and painted directly on the wall was another painting. The soldiers accused us of having painted over the portrait of our “soldier-leader.” I was afraid of being discovered because I was from Germany but I had not been a Nazi. I had not agreed with what the Nazi’s had done but I realized that I had been ignorant, or perhaps had chosen to remain ignorant of the events at that time.

The room was now filled with strangers and there was music and dancing. Someone grabbed me and pulled me on the dance floor – this was a form of interrogation. Someone else was trying measure my height but I stood on the tip of my toes. As I was dancing someone would cut in and interrogate me some more. Finally I was exhausted and managed to get outside for some fresh air and a cigarette. I noticed then that I had been at the Church basement.

Outside I saw the priest with his white cat. He was carrying it inside but when the cat saw me it jumped out of the priest’s arms and came directly to me. I told the priest he had a nice cat but when I saw it up close I noticed it was very pretty at all. It had lots of tufts of missing fur where I could see the dark pink skin underneath and it also had a very large bony face, more like a dog. The priest then said that the cat looked like a “Specialist.” He continued, “You know, a Specialist is an animal from the crocodile family.” The cat was heading back towards the priest when a little girl, wearing a velvet coat with fur around the collar and sleeves, approached the cat. I was afraid that the cat would hurt her.


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